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    Company Overview

Established in 2012, TPR Medical Distributors, Inc. is a subsidiary of TPR Medical LLC based in New Jersey, USA. TPR Medical LLC has been distributing medical supplies for more than 20 years and continuously operates all over North America. With operations of more than 2 decades, the company has evolved into a one-stop shop for quality medical products.

TPR Medical started supplying dialysis products and kits in the Philippines and realized the opportunity to provide access to delivering US FDA quality medical products with exceptional value to improve patient care. Our products encompass medical, surgical, maintenance supplies and more!

TPR Medical is the exclusive distributor and dealer of respected and reliable manufacturers – Dynarex, DuoPross, Emerald, Nipro, Crystal Quest, Dukal, Molded Products, Rockwell, and Serim. All TPR Medical products are US FDA approved with 510 (K) clearances. Its 510 (K) standard guaranteed not only the market but also the dealers and distributors who carry the products.